Navigo MMORPG: Seas of Adventure

Navigo MMORPG End User License Agreement v. 1.0

[End User License Agreement] is abbreviated hereforth as [EULA].
By download, installing, registering an account and/or running the Navigo MMORPG client, you hereby agree to the terms of this EULA as stated below.

You, the end user, may NOT attempt and/or do any of the following:
You, the end user, MUST:
You, the end user, have the following rights concerning Navigo MMORPG:
Breaking the Navigo MMORPG EULA may result in any and/or all of the following:
The Navigo MMORPG Team:
(We do, however, take great care to provide software that does not affect your system in a harmful fashion!)

On a brighter note, thanks for deciding to try Navigo MMORPG! We (the Navigo MMORPG team) love making games, and we hope you enjoy Navigo MMORPG!